Saturday, August 29, 2009

install games in china mobile phones

Ever wonder how to install games in your china mobile phone?You can play mario,contra,final fight and more in your china phone

Here is the solution.

The first thing to know is that which format your phone supports.
 >>If your phone has an application that says install java or some other text containing java then probably your phone supports java application inthe form .jar or .jad
>>If your phone has a folder named mythroad or mulgame then probably your phone supports .mrp and .nes applications and games.

Only a few china mobile phones supports java.If your phone supports this then you have a lot of games and applications that you can download from internet.Just google it.

On the other-hand this is not the case it is very difficult to find out games and application in .mrp format

If your phone contains 'more applications and games' option then select it and if you have gprs connection you can download games and applications or goto or

Otherwise do the following

For the last week i have been surfing internet for howto install games in chi....but i found no solution, atlast i h've some chinese site saying those tricks but the thing here is that all the applications are in chinese.So it is difficult to use them.I am giving you a spoonfeed so that you have to download a file from bottom of this page and extract it to your phone memory stick.
After that you can play .nes rom games in your phone .The extracted folder contains a nes emulator and some nes games you can put more games in the folder called 'Nes'

Extract the downloaded file then if your phone has mythroad folder then copy the contents of 'mythroad' folder from downloaded file so on
Now type in your phone "*#220807#" without quotes .
If you know chinese then no problem otherwise select first one then first one again first one and there you will see some NES that is your nes simulator selecting it will display all the games in the folder 'nes'.
Play the games using
num 1,2,3,0 and direction keys

The file contains some other applications and games in .app format if it is supportted by your phone you can run in this way.
China phone suit  is an additional content
For more games type in the search bar in this page,

option > run

Download game from here